We launched Axon Ottawa because we as a company have a mission to impact the lives of millions in a positive manner. When we first met John in Atlanta (Founder of Axon Sport Performance) during a tennis training camp, we knew that he was something special and that our athletes needed to train in his system, with his tools and protocols. So, we partnered with Axon in 2015 and we continue to get our local training teams certified in the Axon system. We want athletes of all ages to benefit from John’s world class knowledge that is 20 years ahead of the current market place.

Axon Sport Performance has redefined the process of training. We focus on improving Speed, Strength, and Flexibility for individuals with an Elite Mindset. 

Our systemized training programs benefit ALL individuals no matter their age, activity, or ability. Our programs are custom designed based on our specific training protocols creating the ideal environment to test, push and develop you in every possible way.

We also wanted to share best in class products with the world through our health and wellness sales platform. This was a lesson we learned from our academy days – we needed to have a diverse product line with multiple streams of income to secure the expansion and growth of our company. This platform will allow us to help millions world wide.

Brett Favre:

NFL Hall of Famer My daughters Ankle Surgery recovery “Breleigh had complete tears of the calcaneofibular and talofibular ligaments and a non -displaced medial malleolar fracture, just weeks into her Junior high school season. We were told her volleyball season was over for the year. We heard about this technology while on a recruiting visit at The University of South Carolina. We started treatments 2 weeks after surgery, and she was back on the court playing in 3 weeks and played through state playoffs. – Amazing

Coach Scott Swanson, Head Volleyball – Coach University of South Carolina

“We were introduced to the i-Myo Pro just into our 2015 season, and saw immediate results in two of our starting hitters, one with chronic back pain and the second with chronic knee issues, both athlete‟s issues were prohibiting them from full participation in both practice and matches. Both players saw significant and lasting results, which resulted in full participation, both practice and games, for the remainder of the season. Another great feature of this device is the strength component. We are combining sessions on the i -Myo Pro with our weight lifting sessions and are expecting great gains this spring. We have purchased the unit and know it will be a significant tool for our trainers and strength coaches to use in keeping our players strong, healthy and

“Great system with Remarkable Technology…”

“I was introduced to John through a mutual
business associate who suggested I see him
and seek out his expertise in the area of
injury recovery; after an initial phone call I
could tell he was on a different level. After
the first session I could tell a significant
difference” – Dwight Phillips Olympian, 3X World
Champion Long Jump

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