CAP Corporation

Who is CAP?

CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation is a science-driven enterprise that has developed a novel technology offering not only a new and complementary approach to concussion prevention in sports but an important one. CAP’s patented innovation offers the sports world the feasibility to dramatically reduce the severity of concussions before they occur by changing the athlete; beyond the technical advances currently implemented in sport.

The RAM Test and CAP technology is the only platform of its kind. The technology measures neck function relative to sport-specific requirements to assess concussion risk, and mitigate that risk with scientifically designed, sport-specific exercises, independently tailored for the specific nuances of the athlete, and on a case-by-case basis. We have developed a scientifically validated safety standard we believe all athletes in high-risk sports should meet to lower the risk and prevent concussions before they occur.

How CAP can benefit your organization and your athletes!

Lowers the risk and mitigate concussions before they occur

Fosters leadership in proactively dealing with concussions in Combat Sports

Demonstrates due diligence

Empowers athletes to take control of their concussion risk and brain health

Lowers attrition rates

Lowers athletes time away due to concussions

Potentially lowers insurance and healthcare costs

Successful implementation leads towards a standard of care and head-injury prevention including CTE