Integrated Clinic & Performance

How does it work?

When Axon Sport Performance Ottawa partners with clinics, we package our methodology of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery together in a lean operation. Our team includes a Axon Performance Manager, Axon Performance Specialist, Sales manager, and Dietitian and we attract and work with youth and adult athletes looking to benefit from the same methods elite athletes use. This methodology also integrates the clinic and health care specialists making these locations the first choice for the athletes.

This approach generates immediate new business to the health care system, but perhaps more importantly, it expands the clinical side of the potential customer base. A triathlete training with Axon who shatters a collarbone in a cycling accident will naturally turn to an orthopedist she’s become aware of at the health care facility.

“And if I’m a parent of a promising young athlete with a child training at the health care facility, I’m much more likely to go there when that child needs a therapist or a procedure,” says Sean Sweeney, Axon Sport Performance Ottawa Co-Founder.

If your clinic is interested in exploring this very creative way of expanding your practice/business, and you feel that you are a good fit, please reach out to us today and lets set up a time that works to really explore the opportunity..