You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Nutrition is the cornerstone to physical and mental health and performance; frankly, it can either make or break your results.  In a world full of gimmicks and fad diets, you can trust our cutting-edge, scientifically-backed nutrition methods to safely and effectively help you reach your goal!

Base Nutrition Program

Master the Basics First

Our Base Nutrition service, the brainchild of AXON Dietitian, it is designed to meet 95% of your nutritional needs by laying out daily meal and supplement plans.  Without mastering Base Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition won’t do a thing!


  • Free for all AXON Trainees!…Included in Advanced Nutrition Consulting for everyone else.

Advanced Nutrition Consulting

Individualized Nutrition

Advanced Nutrition is a subscription and consultation program for those with advanced needs and/or extreme fitness and athletic goals.  If you are rehabbing an injury, have professional athletic and/or aesthetic goals, dealing with illness/disease, or simply want that extra, cutting-edge boost to Base Nutrition, this is for you!


  • 1st month = $200 (includes initial consultation, 3 follow-up consultations, and weekly meal plans and nutrition education)

  • Each subsequent month = $100 per month (includes 1 consultation, weekly meal plans and nutritional education)

  • One-time Consultation = $100

*Does not include cost of nutritional products!

35% OFF Nutrition Services for AXON Trainees!