Axon Training Programs


Axon Sport Performance has redefined the process of training for improved human performance. We focus on improving Speed, Strength and Flexibility for today’s athlete and only spend time on training that transfers to the field of play.

Our systemized training programs benefit ALL athletes no matter their age, activity, or ability. Whether it’s improving overall velocity, starting speed, endurance, or power, the Axon Sport Performance training system is designed to produce maximum human potential results.

Our three facilities and virtual programs are custom designed to our specific training protocols and has been developed to create an environment that will test, push and develop the athlete in every possible way.

It is our mission at Axon Sport Performance to foster the growth of the athletes and nurture their Physical, Emotional, Neurological and Psychological development as well as encourage a healthy Nutritional and Spiritual lifestyle.

Only with all of these considerations in place can we create an environment where our athletes realize their true human potential for more Speed, Strength and Power.

The results:

  • 17 Olympic medals

  • 9 World Championship medals

  • 280+ Collegiate scholarships

  • Hundreds of inspiring testimonials from people like you!